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Time to be quiet?

It’s labor day, the last holiday of the summer. It’s been storming off and on all day and rain

always relaxes and energizes me spiritually at the same time.

We were invited to a yard party this afternoon but while at my friend David’s house I realized I needed today to be quiet. I wanted to spend the afternoon drawing and studying, or so I thought.

I did spend some time drawing, then I decided to cook up the tomatoes a kind person brought to church yesterday. I was so hungry for Grandma’s tomato soup!

Jeff wanted a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich so I hit the freezer looking for bacon. The freezer’s been building up ice so I decided to clean it out while I was in there. My search yielded some pancetta and some softened rum raisin ice cream that I couldn’t let go to waste!

The soup turned out almost as good as I remember it. the drawing was familiar but different. It’s been awhile so it felt great to be drawing again.

I guess it may not fit everyone’s idea of a quiet afternoon. There wasn’t much noise but I wasn’t particularly still either.

All in all it was was a great afternoon!


Our power finally came back about 5 hours ago. I’d finally drifted off to sleep when there was a sudden flash… the lights were on. I burst out with “Merry Christmas!” and my husband groggily said “what?”.

The lights are on…

Sometimes I had to remind myself to be grateful. My house still stands, there are no trees resting on it. There are no holes in it. As far as I can tell there is no damage to it at all. My family is safe. I lost some food in my fridge and freezer but still have plenty of grains and beans and dried fruit. My family is safe.

I am grateful for the power, and for the linemen and other staff who continue working diligently to get it back up and running. I pray that those in areas hit so much harder feel God’s gentle loving presence surround them and allow the angels to guide and strengthen them.

Thank you!

Balance in the dark

This is my first blogpost from my phone, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s Wednesday morning and we’ve been without power since Monday night at the height of Sandy. This morning while doing my practice I realized just how much we rely on what we see to help us maintain balance. It was hard for me, and required much more focus to hold a balance pose during asana but my meditation flew by. It reminded me of all the other areas in my life where balance is influenced by what I can see.

A Word About Discernment

A while back my daughter took a class titled Skepticism and Logic. She and the teacher often bantered about subject matter near and dear to my heart as he tried to convince students to not believe everything they’re told and she informed him that many things just are, and that truth is truth, whether he believed it or not. The class even took a field trip to a local college to hear a lecture by The Amazing Randi himself. I happened to meet up with this teacher at the lecture where he shared his admiration for my daughter’s trust in what she believed because she always had a logical answer for his skepticism.  He apologized to me for being on the other side of the fence.  He was a little surprised when I told him that from my perspective he was teaching the kids was incredibly important…and that it was the same thing I was striving to teach my daughter…discernment! I reminded him that even in biblical times people were taught to test the spirit and beware of false prophets.

This all came to my mind again today while purusing SpiritLibrary, an unfamiliar website with very familiar material. The site has an excellent section titled discernment that I think everyone delving into the metaphysical should read.