Black Swan

Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. The film ended. People started to leave the theater. My daughter says “are you ready to go?” All I can do is sit and breathe. My daughter asks if I liked the film. Still, no words, only breath and emotion. Raw energy. Stillness that moves eternally.

 Even now, after the cold walk to the car and the ride home I’m still reaching and expanding.

I listened to the crowd as they left the theater. “Is it over?” “Wow, I paid 7.5o  to see that?” “Huh?” All the while I remained in my seat with the music coursing through body, through my mind.

I’m still not sure what happened, not really. But then, do we ever know what is truth, what is real and what is the illusion our minds create to explain the darkness we will not embrace? Struggling for perfection the heroine immerses herself in the antagonist. Unwilling to accept the darkness as part of her struggle for perfection she keeps it separate, viewing herself as a victim of her shadow rather than becoming perfectly whole in shadow and light. I know I’m speaking in mataphor and that I make little sense at the moment. When the intensity wears off, I may have more to say.

For now, I can only say…


Looking, Walking, Being

Up in the middle of the night, avoiding the ruminations of my wandering mind, seeking the drama in the darkness of my room. I avoid the drama, the creation and life I’ve given to that which I don’t know by wandering the strands of the web…the world wide web that is. First I discover “The Web” by Denise Levertov, and follow the strands to discover favorite poems I never knew! Continue reading