Little Miss Attitude

A little more than fifteen years ago my friend walked into her baby shower holding a kitten she’d rescued from the side of a busy rural road. Somehow I knew that this cat was going home with me. She was black and white and very decisive about it. There was no white in the black and no black in the white. When we first met she was very tiny, she fit in the palm of my hand. Continue reading

Chai As Practice?

I drink chai each morning with, sometimes for, breakfast. I’ve found it’s great for digestion and doesn’t kick my adrenals into high gear like coffee does. I don’t make my chai from a tea bag. I simmer fresh sliced ginger, cardamom seeds, whole cloves, peppercorns, a smashed nutmeg and cinnamon sticks for a time in a covered pot. Then I add oolong tea leaves and steep. After a few minutes I strain off the liquid reserving some for the next couple days.  I add some milk and agave or honey (or a little of both) and bring it back to a boil. My favorite mornings are when I can make it fresh and then sit down to the computer and write or study. Those mornings are rare these days because of my work schedule so I try to keep a jar of the brewed chai in the fridge. On the mornings I have to work I simply add milk and honey  and let it warm while I’m getting ready. I pour it into my thermos, and take it with me.

It sounds like a process but it really doesn’t take that much time and I enjoy it, or did anyway. Our local Fresh Market has been making the job a little tougher these days.  Continue reading

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The center comes with a distinct set-up that contribute to transmission of electric powered impulses which end up in rhythmical contraction and pleasure among the cardiac muscles. The cardiac lean muscle fabric are involved in a operate to master the move of an cardiovascular. These fibres are excited by 1, sympathetic central nervous system which is where it get activated by employing condtions like: exercising, worry and stress and fatigue and delight and two, parasympathetic neurological system. They long term contract and chill out as a form of model. The comfort state is named diastole together with contraction point is termed as systole. The contraction plus peace course of action incorporate quite a few elaborate methods among them cellular parts and chemical like elements. The contraction is thanks to actin and myosin mobility within a mobile. The interplay regarding the actin and myosin is a consequence of the varieties during the calcium supplement attentiveness throughout the myofibrils.

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Depolarization to the cells covering membrane commence the relationship around contractile protein which bring on anxiety evolution that cause shortening in a wall membrane within the core thus contraction. The movements of calcium mineral and salt ions is the paramount towards whole process cardiac roughage techniques. Calcium supplements that goes into the cardiac cellular in the operation of action probable obtains out by an ion exchanger from the plasma membrane. Continue reading