Synchronized Breathing

Yesterday I had a delightful experience with what can only be called synchronized breathing. I spent the day at our employee health fair providing information about reiki and meditation. Both lead to balance and balanced people support a balanced society. I figure the more people I can introduce to both the better.

Throughout the day I offered free reiki sessions. One young man told me he’d heard of reiki but hadn’t experienced it. He sat on my chair and I put my hands on him. The energy flowed gently and evenly. I felt so very peaceful. As I stood behind him with my hands on his shoulders I noticed his breath was quiet, his back expanded fully and released effortlessly. I realized that our breath was  synchronized. As he exhaled I inhaled; as I exhaled, he inhaled. A very peaceful circle resulted. I could have stayed in that space all afternoon and not noticed the passage of time.

After a few minutes I ended the session. The man animatedly expressed his surprised. He felt energized. I asked him if he practiced meditation because few people breathe that way without intention. He affirmed that he practiced yoga and meditation. I guess that explains it all!