Over the last few months I’ve noticed that the small voice within has been increasingly audible after a season of quiet. It’s guidance doesn’t always make sense to me at first but in the end its logic is clear. Very recently this voice led me down a path that had a heap of drama in the middle of it. I was surprised that even in the midst of the drama while being shouted at and crying intermittently I could still feel an amazing glow of clarity surrounding me. The only way I can describe the feeling is that it’s the way the air around you feels after someone has rung a huge church bell or played a large gong only a few feet away from you. A little while later, while meditating (and trying to understand what it was that I had contributed to this drama) that same voice repeated over and over “trust, trust…” In the end I discovered the little drama had several layers that went way beyond pushing me outside my comfort zone and contrary to my belief it was not all about me. (Imagine that!) Continue reading

Pipe Band Unity

It’s said that a good pipe band will sound like one pipe regardless of the number in the band. I can’t really attest to that, I think all pipe bands sound great! Last week I had the opportunity to hear the New York Metro Pipe Band play at the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem PA. What I felt was much more exciting than what I heard. The band marched from the final tuning area to the line. The pipe major shook the judges hand and in that instant the band became one. I felt an amazing heart opening followed by what I can only describe as joy, as one of the largest bands to perform at Celtic Classic became one entity with a single focus. They hadn’t played a note yet and I was pulled in by the energy. This energetic and emotional high lasted through their entire performance and the crowd responded. I haven’t felt that kind of unity during any performance since the massed bands played Amazing Grace on the parade grounds after 9/11/01. Then the entire field vibrated.

Anyway…no wonder they took first place, when all unite as one how can one fail?

See the YouTube video