Life is mysterious. It never gives you complete satisfaction. It lives with you or without you. Even in the darkest times there is life, it goes on. If there is any doubt listen to the wind. Find the light at the end of the tunnel by looking up, then looking down, then listening soundly. Feel the vibrations of life and live them. Sing. Dance. Grow. Take the time to be patient with others. Feel their passion. Tiptoe through the tulips.

Grace falls like raindrops on the grass, lifting the petals of the flowers after a drought has withered them. Give up. Give in. Take over. Sleep. Pray.

It’s up to you. Be the one, the only one. Offer praise. Time marches on but stands still. Grant three wishes. Be taller than you are. Bring flowers. Savor moments, linger over dessert.


Remember the things that lift you, depart from the past but honor it. Simple steps to be awake. Time. Life. Magazines?