Our power finally came back about 5 hours ago. I’d finally drifted off to sleep when there was a sudden flash… the lights were on. I burst out with “Merry Christmas!” and my husband groggily said “what?”.

The lights are on…

Sometimes I had to remind myself to be grateful. My house still stands, there are no trees resting on it. There are no holes in it. As far as I can tell there is no damage to it at all. My family is safe. I lost some food in my fridge and freezer but still have plenty of grains and beans and dried fruit. My family is safe.

I am grateful for the power, and for the linemen and other staff who continue working diligently to get it back up and running. I pray that those in areas hit so much harder feel God’s gentle loving presence surround them and allow the angels to guide and strengthen them.

Thank you!